Jan 30, 2010

A Unique Way to Display Vintage Photos

What is it about old black and white photos? I seem to have an obsession with them. I am always thinking of fun and unique ways to display them and that is where this project came from. I took an old vintage frame and attached twine horizontally. Then, I just clipped the simple old photos onto the twine with clothes pins. I love the way it turned out and it's defiinitely one of those projects that looks better in person. I just couldn't seem to get a good photo of the project but hopefully, it will still inspire you in some way. Enjoy and take care!

Jan 24, 2010

Coffee Filter and Cup Cake Banner

Coffee filters, cup cake holders, decorative paper, ribbon,tea bags and a little imagination and you have one sweet Valentines Day Banner. I began by tea dying the paper and coffee filters to give the banner an aged look. Then, I layered the filters and cup cake holders until I was happy with the way it looked. For added interest, I trimmed some of the filters with pinking shears scissors and then stapled it all together and placed a glittered circle cut out in the middle to camouflage the staples. Then, I placed the banner on ribbon and attached the glittered letters that I found at Target in the dollar section. This project was really fun to make and it was soooo simple.

For this next project, I simply placed a ribbon around the glass cylinder of a red candle and added a sweet little vintage pin. Then, I added a paper hearts garland that I cut out of the scrap paper from the banner project. I simply strung the paper hearts on craft wire and placed it around the cylinder of the candle and it turned a simple candle into a sweet Valentines Day decoration. What I love most about these decorations is that they didn't really cost me much of anything to make and they were so fun and simple to make. Hope one of these projects inspire you to create something for yourself. Take Care!

Jan 21, 2010

Random Crafts . . . .

This project is a fun alternative to a valentines Day Card, it's a message in a bottle. I used a vintage bottle that I wrapped with cooper wire and attached a ribbon and little glittery decoration. You can personalize it with your own special message. To make it fun for the kids, you could bury the bottle in the back yard and create a treasure map for them to find it!!

Remember those buttons that I put in the recycled pickle jar? Well I turned them into a cute little art project. I used a scrap piece of wood, pre cut letters, some glitter, and buttons!

Turn a simple vintage box into functional organization by using it for incoming mail.

Take Care!

Jan 15, 2010

Two completely unrelated "love"ly little crafts . . .

I love the simplicity of this Valentines Day decoration. I free handed the heart and it is a little rough but, I think it adds to it's rustic charm.

On another note, I never throw away empty jars. I love the repupose them. I simply paint the lid and fill them with odds and ends and there you have it cheap storage and organization. I am actually trying to clean my craft area and in the process, I needed something to store my buttons and clothes pins. Just thought I would post about it. Not very exciting but, it might spark an idea for somebody.

Jan 12, 2010

A Crafty Clipboard Project

I recently found these clipboards at a garage sale and I had to scoop them up! Clipboards are are so utiliarian and yet they can be used in so may decorative ways. They are great for displaying old photos, kids art work, message boards, inspirations boards, and so much more. I have several old photos that I would like to display and placing them on old clip board adds to their vintage charm. I simply painted the clipboard black, cut decorative paper to fit, and clipped on the old photo. I think it has a pottery Barn feel and the price was right!

I checked out the web for some additional inspiration and I found these fun photos on Flicker. Enjoy!


Photo by SMILE and Wave


Photo by SMILE and Wave



Photo by Ishandchi

Photo by HOMEBUG