Oct 29, 2010

Pumpkin Lanterns A Cute Alternative to Carving Pumpkins

Materials Need:
Tin Can
Hammer And Nail (or Drill with Drill Bit)
Acrylic Paint: Orange and Black
18 - 20 Gauge Wire
Votive Candle or Electric Candle

Simply paint the tin can and then trace the desire face onto it. Then, begin drilling or hammering your holes for the light to come through. You could get creative and paint one black to create a skeleton image or even green to create a Frankenstien image.

I found this fun idea here:
Pumpkin Lantern at Halloween Crafts

Oct 19, 2010

Victorian Scroll Happy Halloween - Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

I happened upon this beautiful scroll from DotComWomen and thought I would share it since it could be used in so many ways not just on a pumpkin!

Victorian Scroll Happy Halloween - Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns: "Download the 'Victorian Scroll Happy Halloween Pattern'
What you will need:
Tracing paper; pencil
Pumpkin, scooped out with lid cut
Pumpkin-carving tools
1. Download the 'Victorian Scroll Happy Halloween Pattern'. Right-click and choose Save-as to save the pattern on your computer. Then, print out the pattern.
2. Tape the pattern on your pumpkin and trace it.
3. Trace the pattern on the pumpkin and cut out using pumpkin carving tools.
4. Place a candle (fixed onto a plate) inside the pumpkin and light it."

Oct 17, 2010

2 Simple Craft Projects and A Chair Redo

I found these unusually shaped decorative glass pieces and thought they would be perfect decoupaging Halloween clip art.

Before Cloche Project


Before Chair Project


Take care,

Oct 11, 2010

Antique Print Printer's Drawer Turned Shadow Box

Photo credit: Green Chair
I love antique wood type almost as much as I love antique print printer's trays. I am always trying to come up with creative ways to repurpose them. I found this one at a recent garage sale and I thought how fun it would be to create a vacation memory box.

Take care!

Oct 6, 2010

Creating Fun Accessories Out of Material

These are material swatches that came from an upholster that was going out of business. I had an idea for a fun project so I used my pinking shears scissors and free handed different size circles out of various different pieces of material. I also used some burlap. Once I got several coordinating color and sizes I put them together and made a little stitch in the middle to hold them together. Then I accessorized them with either a button or a vintage pin. Now they were ready to be pinned on my sweaters, coat jackets, skirts or even head bands. It was Sew easy!!

Take care!

Oct 1, 2010


Image from: Salvage Style by Moira and Nicholas Hankinson
My sister gave me this book several years ago and when I saw this project my heart skipped a beat. I instantly started collecting items to make a salvage chandelier of my own. It takes a lot of bling to reproduce this thin. So, I forgot about it UNTIL, last night while cleaning my basement I uncovered the items that I started collecting to make this awesome beauty. Now I plan to continue my search and get started on this project! Yea!
These photos were taken of an Retro airstream that was on display at the Country Living Fair that I attended in Columbus, OH last weekend. I so want this precious camper in my backyard to use as my secret hide away!

This is a sweet little side table that has been sitting in my garage just waiting to be rescued. I painted it and it turned out cute but, a bit to bright. So I aged it with dry brushing some burnt umber over it and now I am pretty happy with the way it turned out! P.S. The table cloth was a weekend find and I looooove it!

Before photo

This is a large RaVeN that I found over the weekend and I think he looks lovely sitting under my cloche!!!!

Take care!!!!
Have a beautiful weekend!