Apr 30, 2009

Vintage Table Cloths

Vintage table cloths are so beautiful within themselves. The possibilities are enless. They make wonderful curtains. Since, a lot of them are particially stained, it is fun to create pillows, aprons, and other fun items out of them.

Apr 29, 2009


I am absolutely obsessed with chandeliers. I have had my eye on this for some time now!

Apr 27, 2009

Bulletin Board

This bullentin board was made from an old frame, ceiling tile, and a piece of screen. It has the appearance of a chalk board. I got the inspiration for this board from my dear friend's blog My Piper Dog. It is a beautiful and functional addition to my family room.

The Layered Look

This comes from one of my favorite blogs Golightly and I thought it was extremely clever. I
cannot have enough of old frames or plates. This concept is so simple, yet it makes quite an

Apr 22, 2009

Think Spring

Architectual Salvage

Inspiration Under Glass

Birds of a feather

I found this beautiful needle point at an estate sale. So much work went into this piece. I find it amazing that someone had such patience.


Art through the eyes of a child . . . . .

This is a painting of an old barn was done by my third grader Alex - I am very proud of him and I think it is adorable!

Wind Chimes

I like to create wind chimes made out of vintage objects. I scour estate sales and flea markets for items to make them. This paticular one is made out of an old sifter and antique silerware.

Exotic Pink Botanical Flower

This piece of clipart comes from the Graphic Fairies collection of free clipart. I thought it was so beautiful and made me think of spring. It's just one more print to create something beautiful. Thank you to the Graphic Fairies Web site.

Apr 18, 2009

Fun Vintage Find

Latest Find - A Vintage
Rabbit Bird House. He just has so much character.

Vintage Seed Packets

I found this free clipart on the net and I thought it would be fun to use these seed packets in some sort of crafting project. They are not only beautiful but have a graphic element to them. The possibilites are endless! Enjoy.

Apr 17, 2009

Meet Bella! Bella turned 3 years old today.