Oct 29, 2009

All Hallows Eve - Martha Stewart & Grandin Road

I know everyone is probably tired of my Halloween obsession. I promise this is my last post regarding the fabulous holiday. I just wanted to share this catalog with everyone since, Martha Stewart and Grandin Road have paired up and they came out with the most amazing Halloween decor. All of the above items are now 50% off. I can't wait to place my order. If nothing else, the catalog is worth checking out for awesome decorating ideas if you are planning a party.

Oct 22, 2009

A Bootiful Repuposed Art Project

These pictures frames were ten cents each at a garage sale, the wire mesh gutter cover was in my neighbor's trash, (left right on top and brought to my attention since, they knew I would do someting with it) and the paper was five sheets for a dollar at Hobby Lobby. Toss in a little glitter and glue and you have some fun Halloween art.

Total Cost for this project is a whole $1.30 plus glitter and glue which I of course, already had on hand. How fun is that?

Oct 18, 2009

Halloween Party Favor/Decoration

Before I talk about this project, I wanted to apologize for my FTP - Failure to Post. Unfortunately, I had the flu which went into respiratory issues and it's taken me a little while to get back on my feet. You know that I am sick when I don't feel like blogging or looking at my beloved magazine. I thank God I am getting better and I'm back in blog world.

This is such a fun project and once you have a template you could potentially make dozens of them in a short amount of time. I not only used them as a part of my Halloween decor but, they also serve as wonderful party favors.

These are the supplies need. I used glittered foam stickers and they truly make the project however, you could embellish this project with what ever you have on hand i.e. ribbon, glitter, etc.

These are the papers I used - Did I mention that I have an obsession with paper?

This is the rough template that I used. I cut the sheets of paper into 5 by 5 pieces. Then I made a fold approximately a 1/2 inch across the top. Then I folded the paper in half leaving a 3/8 inch lip (which you will glue down) At this point you are ready to glue, embellish, and stuff.
(Note: the above template is upside down)

Oct 11, 2009

Two Part Post: Scare Crow Festival and Glitter Crow Project

These images are from a scare crow festival that I went to over the weekend. As you pull up to the farm you are greeted by the cast of the Wizard of Oz. As you drive back to the barn the entire yard outside of the old farm house is a wedding setting and the attendees are all scare crows. The sun was just about to set and the yard had an ominous feeling about it. It was so fun. For $25.00 you could build your own scare crow with the help of the experts.

Below is a simple craft project that I did over the weekend. Essentially, all you need is a piece of crow clip art that you can trace onto a piece of wood and then just simply cut it out. Then, I would suggest painting the crow black. Once dry, paint the crow with Elmer's glue and sprinkle generously with glitter. Then, I used a scrap piece of wood that I painted orange and wrote the words trick or treat with a paint pen. From there, I used a sign that I purchased on clearance and glued it to the back of the crow to allow it to stand. Then, I drilled a hole in the piece of wood that says trick or treat and inserted the rod into the wood and there you have it a simple glittered crow project.

Oct 7, 2009

Fall Inspiration

The Winner of my 100th post give away is Pink Daisys Blog! Just shoot me an e-mail with your new address and your gift will be on it's way. Thanks to everyone else who left a comment and/or follows my blog you all are so very dear to me. The following photos are just fall pics from Country Living Magazine and the Pottery Barn 09 Catalog that I found to be both beautiful and inspirational.

Oct 6, 2009

Shopping in the Clearance Isle

Today is the last chance to sign up for my 100th post give away! If you are currently following my blog you will be automatically entered to win. As promised, the lucky winner will be drawn and announced tomorrow morning. Best of Luck to everyone!!! I love this idea. I purchased this dish drainer on clearance at home goods. It makes the perfect magazine holder to sit on top of my desk. I holds a ton of magazines and I like the way it looks.

This is a wrought iron flower pot that was also purchased on clearance and with a little spray paint and imagination it makes the perfect witches cauldron for a fun halloween display. I have to give my sister credit for this one. She made one for her self as well. Thanks Deb.

This is a broken shadow box that I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. (The oval wire piece is a future project) I did not bother to replace the glass, I simply painted it and placed it over a plate hanging of the wall and now it serves as a little display shelf.

Another option . . . . . .

Oct 1, 2009

100th Post GIVE AWAY . . . . .

These super fun images are from a book that I recently picked up called The French-Inspired Home. It is a really sweet book filled with terrific ideas and lots of inspiration. As a way of giving back and saying thanks to everyone who follows my blog and takes the time to stop by and leave such caring comments, I am hosting a 1ooth post give away. The give away includes the book as well as a 24 sheet pack of specialty paper with 8 different styles with some being glittered and some flocked. It will surely give you an opportunity to have fun and simply CREATE! Just leave the name of your blog in comments and you will be tossed in the hat. If you are currently following my blog you are automatically entered to win. Once, a name has been chosen you can simply e-mail me with your address and your gift will be on it's way. You have until October 6th to enter and the winner will be announced on Wednesday October 7th. Good Luck and Thanks again!!