Apr 1, 2010

From Sweet Little Girl's Room to Preteen - Full of Compromises

I found this darling vintage chandelier for my daughter's room at a garage sale on Saturday. Yea, my first garage sale of the season. It just needed a little TLC and the addition of a few crystals. I brought home and she did not like it! She had something completely different in mind. She wanted something silver and modern. So here is the compromise. I took a brushed nickel chandelier and added glass plates from another chandelier that I had previously taken apart (after I broke the arm off of it) and I actually like the combination of the modern nickel with vintage parts.

Then, we had the dilemma of whether or not to add crystals. So, we tried three different styles and agreed on the first one. And, to my surprise she loved it.
Then it was a trip to anthropologies for new knobs. Since we couldn't agree one knob we ending up getting a different knob for each drawer. Once again, it turned out pretty cute. Unfortunately, I just discovered that I did not post the pic of all the knobs. I will have to post it later. (Side note: I wish blogger would make an upgrade so that you could go back and add a pic in the middle of your post rather than having to re post the entire post - sorry for the digression)

Final decision, paint color and bed linens. Once again, we bought one I like and one she choose. The paint color is just two shades darker than the color I picked but hey, it work out too! I just my survive the tweens after all!!!


  1. What a creative project- really thinking outside the box to make a wonderful piece in your daughter's style! Love it!

  2. What a fantastic job! I love the chandelier, the fabric, the cute glass knob! I can't wait to see the entire room. I am with you on wishing blogger would update the photo posting thing and let us have some more freedom! I just added your to my blog list on the side of my blog. Love your blog!

  3. The chandelier turned out great! Kind of a contemporary version of one ~ nice compromise. Yes, you will find that it is a lot about compromise {mostly on your part} and you need to pick your battles. Mine is 23 now, so you can come through unscathed! : )

  4. I'm sure your daughter is one happy camper! I would love to have that shining above my head.

  5. Just gorgeous!
    Happy day!

  6. That is lovely! I adore the idea of combining the different chandeliers and the different knobs for the drawers. I have the most gorgeous chandelier in my own room that my own mother bought for me - but your daughters really is exquiste. You should post pictures of the entire room when it is done, I am interested as to how it will turn out!

  7. Bren!!! That silver chandelier looks soooo cute with the additions you made!! So creative (AS USUAL).

    As a side note, did you know you can cut and paste a photo into the middle of your post? You simply upload your picture as you normally do, then select it with your curser. Press control c (to cut) then move your curser to the area you'd like your photo to be placed and then press control v (to paste). No need to upgrade blogger ;)

    Can't wait to see your daughter's finished room!

  8. It looks like her room will be fabulous -- perfect combo of "cool" & beautiful. S