Sep 23, 2009

A Fun Halloween Project To Do With The Kids

But first, I have to ask has this ever happend to any one else? I spent the weekend going to the Country Living Fair and the Springfield Flea Market which were amazing. I of course, took a million pictures so that I could blog about the day and this is what happened. It was extremely toasty and I think my camera may have gotten over heated. I was sooooo disappointed. I had some awesome pics to share.

Oh well, now for the simple halloween project. At the Country Living Fair, they were selling gourds of all shapes and sizes. Since, I love dried gourds, I had to think of something to do with them so that's where the idea for Mailda the Witch came from. I simply sawed off the neck of a spoon gourd and placed in on top of a broken shovel handle. Then I screwed a scrap piece of 1 x1 horizonally to the handle to form the body (the same concept as a scare crow). At that point, you are ready to assessorize. I painted her face green and added a fancy hat and cape. Now she is ready to greet the trick or treaters and the best part is she did cost anything since, my sister already had dried gourds. Now I think all she needs a broom.


  1. I like how the top 3 pics only show a pop of green and orange. Was that on purpose or a camera malfunction?? Either way it's cool.
    Is your "follow me" missing from your blog. Mine has been gone for 2 days. Hmmmm.

  2. i actually like those pics :) maybe you should go into "restore" factory settings & see what happens, that's what i had to do when mine acted up :) gio

  3. I like your witch ... those gourds were the perfect size. And I think your pictures are awesome. I'm sure people spend hours editing photos so they can look just like that! :)

  4. I enjoyed your tutorial on the gourd could have fun "embellishing" it with all different kinds of outfits!!!

  5. those pictures look AWESOME.. if that is the mistake.. well I like it..

  6. What treasures at this your little gourd project.
    Happy day.