Aug 20, 2009

A Five Minute Craft Project

This Post was initially going to be about this $3.00 cabinet that I got at a garage sale that was painted a hideous blue color. I took the before photos, painted it, took my after photos, and then proceeded to delete all of them. Brilliant, I know. However, all along I knew I wanted to display some vintage silver pieces on the shelf of this cabinet and I just need one more little thing to add to the vignette. That is when I came up with this fun little door knob project that literally took me 5 minutes to make. I used a thrift store picture holder that I dismantled, an old door knob, and some hot glue and the end result was this vintage looking picture holder. I like it so much that I would love to make some addition ones using some of my crystal knobs and then display them under a few of my glass cloches.


  1. Okay, your blog TOTALLY rocks! I just discovered it and have now added it to my favorites and will check it over coffee each morning... but no pressure. :) Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Love, love, love this project!! I'm putting this on my to-do list!!


  3. Great Idea!Who would have thought!!!!???Gets the creative juices flowing to use all that stuff I keep getting at auction-box-lots. Thanks! Meg

  4. I love looking for creative ways to display photos. I have also dismantled a thrift store picture holder so that I could use the 10 "holders" for my own projects. I used a "holder" on a vintage camera (that I found for 25 cents at a thrift store) and gave it to my photographer brother for his birthday. I should have him send a photo of it to me so I can post it on my blog. I have also used them in vintage silver plated salt and pepper shakers for a neat photo display on the table. The nice thing is the wire fits right into one of the shaker additional work required. Great job on the doorknob picture holder. I'm going to dig out some of my old doorknobs and do the same.

  5. Sorry you deleted your photos - that's a bummer! That is a very neat project ... I love that picture holder. Great idea!

  6. Very neat idea!!!

    Your shelf looks great too!

  7. WHAT? This is one of THE best things I've ever seen. LOVE it...can I copy?


  8. Oooh, love this! I have a collection of glass knobs I've accumulated over the last few years as I've attempted to find a match to the rest of my knobs. (!!!) Anyhow, the knobs I'm not using would be GREAT for this project! Thanks for the great idea! Your blog is amazing!

  9. I just love all the neat things you do.I can hardly wait to try some of these thing in our new house. we will be moving in Oct! Blessings, Sharon

  10. Well, how cute this is!

  11. This is too funny.
    I just got an old door knob this weekend to do the very same thing, only mine will have 4 or 6 on it!!
    Great minds think alike, huh?
    (and we are probably not the first ones to do it). =0)
    Cute cupboard, and sweet display.
    Glad i found you, now off to see more.

    Barbara Jean

  12. SOOOO Cute! I would LOVE this in my shabby chic..."or wanna be"...shabby chic bedroom. I Love anything blingy AND sparkly AND from the era of glamour! I started accidentaly collecting vintage purses(got a couple from my grandma in laws closet). I found I like the blinger(or goudy as DH call's them)the better! I hung them from a old refurbished quilt rack shelf. I hung it on my wall above my couch in my room. I can look at them every time I come in my room and get a big grin on my face. I also have been known to use a couple of them sometimes! I get many comments on them! GOOD ONES! I also used your idea for the earring magnets.....that idea was very clever! Your awesome! I'm a fan! rosycheeks