Jun 11, 2009

A Place To Call My Own

This photo is courtesy of Country Living Magazine. When I first saw it, it spoke to me on so many levels. The vintage decor is phenomenal. I have always wanted a small shed/art studio in my back yard to paint, craft, and refinish furniture pieces but unfortunately, it is low on the list of projects to be completed around here. This particular shed was built specifically for this gal by her husband. (How lucky!) She of course decorated the interior and I think it looks amazing. This article was so touching for me because my uncle built a sweet little shed for my dear aunt and for many years she taught painting, quilting and pottery to ladies in her community and many of these ladies ultimately became her dear friends. For now, I will have to settle for the craft area in my basement which isn't quit as glamorous but hey, I did hang a chandelier and a pretty curtain to separate my little area from the rest of the space. Now, if I could only keep my kids out of there! Are any of you lucky enough to have a special place that you can call your own to be creative?


  1. When I see little girls playhouses, I want one. My dream is to have a vintage trailer from the 50's and redo it and keep it on my driveway as a guesthouse/little getaway for me. I did turn my little tiny living room closet into my office though... hey it's something...right??


  2. I would like to call this place my own as well.
    It is just amazing.

  3. I've seen this room in the magazine and I too fell in love with it! I think if that was mine I would never want to leave! And speaking of a place of one's own to create...I am getting ready to announce my Where Bloggers Create blog party in July! So check over at my blog in the next couple of days for the announcement!

    My Desert Cottage

  4. I have a room I use to do my projects in. My mistake was in putting my husband's computer in there, too! And my kids are project oriented, too, so they are always pilfering my stuff. My dream is to have a huge barn built, I want it with an apartment in it, for guests, and a huge rec room, but especiallly a studio! Of course there'll be a little tiny area in the back for a stable for the horses lol. Karen

  5. This is awesome!!

    barbara jean